Xerogrid and Pylontech Partner to Introduce ‘Powercube’ Battery Systems in the UK

By Sophia Francise

August 2, 2023

Yorkshire-based off-grid solar power firm Xerogrid has collaborated with China’s Pylontech to deliver its “Powercube” battery solutions to the UK

Pylontech, Forbes China’s top 50 innovative businesses and one of the one of the world’s fastest-growing energy storage system providers is using the partnership to supply consumers with commercial-scale energy storage on and off-grid with help from Energy Management and Industrial IoT company Hark.[1]

“Pylontech has provided our preferred batteries for our off-grid solutions for the previous five years. So to have begun this new journey in partnership with Pylontech and their impressive Powercube will help us to support further energy-intensive businesses to give more power to the people, cut energy costs, and support environmental credentials. With the UK’s electricity grid situation becoming more complex with expensive connections and complex restrictions, we needed a vendor-agnostic UK-specific solution, and Hark has delivered just that. Jordan and his team at Hark have created incredible technology which allows us to monitor and control the whole site’s electricity systems remotely, including solar and wind back generators with the Powercube,” said the founder and managing director of Xerogrid, Ian Emberton

On the other hand, Xerogrid, founded in 2009 by seasoned entrepreneur Ian Emberton, has 14 years of experience in the renewable energy field. 

The company provides off-grid electricity solutions to commercial and residential customers in the United Kingdom, Spain, and Africa. 

What is the Powercube Battery?

The Powercube is a sustainable G99-type-approved solution to cost-prohibitive grid expansion, grid connection, and fluctuating electricity pricing.

It utilizes an intelligent system configuration that enables stored renewable energy to provide a reliable power source when the grid is unreliable. 

The Powercube can integrate with backup diesel generators to provide the ultimate uninterrupted power supply (UPS).


Capable of integrating with existing or new solar arrays to optimize storage and feed-in.

Xerogrid and Hark, graduates of Entrepreneurial Spark, collaborated to deploy Hark’s vendor-agnostic cloud-based energy and IoT platform to Pylontech’s Powercube batteries. 

This technology enables Xerogrid to store and control commercial-scale electricity, offering full monitoring and control of the systems.


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