About Us

Evincism is a science communication organization encouraging and practicing research & development and radical expression of Science and related intellectual subjects.

Co-founded by Pranav Mahapatra and Devesh Sharma, Evincism started its journey as ‘The Cosmic Divers‘ in 2018 on Blogger and shortly after, entered the social media space, publishing content geared towards Space Science and Physics.

Co-founders Pranav and Devesh from left to right.

Later, realizing that we wanted to take a more general path to approach broader topics, we rebranded to Evincism; the name is based on the word ‘evince‘.



Passion and belief in profound expression of fascinating and complex concepts and ideas of the macrocosm.

We currently publish in-depth and comprehensive articles on scientific topics and broadcast the latest breakthroughs, discoveries, and important industry events in the world of science.

Team Evincism is a dedicated group of volunteers including science enthusiasts, graduates, postgraduates, and researchers, who carefully invest their time to curate and present fascinating ideas and information in the best way possible.

We greatly value our audience, and our primary focus is always easy comprehension, granular & holistic presentation, and good user experience.

We want people to truly enjoy and actually learn science, and not just dwell around half-baked and superficial knowledge.