The Future of Energy Storage: Alcemi’s Ambitious 500 MW New Project Takes Shape

By Sophia Francise

June 20, 2023
Energy Storage Systems

Alcemi has received consent from the council to construct a two-hour 500 MW (1000 MWh) energy storage project in Coalburn, Scotland, which is expected to be one of Europe’s largest.

The facility, developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) through its flagship resources, will be used for storing renewable energy during periods of surplus generation and released back into the system during demand spikes

Over the next 35 years, this initiative is estimated to save around 1.6 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2).1

Alcemi selected the project’s site to support the country’s transmission grid by minimizing the impact of network bottlenecks, assisting in cutting the overall energy expenditures of customers and reducing the environmental impact of the UK energy market.

Environmental impact analyses have been performed on the project to ensure it complies with safety and environmentally friendly guidelines. 

Later this month, CIP is anticipated to make its final investment decision; construction is anticipated to begin short after.


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