Suntuity Solidifies Industry Standing with New Membership in Solar Energy Industries Association

By Sophia Francise

June 20, 2023
Solar Power Plant

Suntuity Renewables, a top-rated supplier of renewable energy solutions, has announced its formal membership in the Solar Energy Industries organisation (“SEIA”), the national trade organisation for the solar sector in the United States. 

Suntuity’s participation indicates the company’s dedication to advancing the development and use of solar energy in the United States.

Suntuity’s entry into SEIA is a further milestone towards the company’s goal of becoming a prominent player in the renewable energy market.[1]

Suntuity aspires to improve its skills, harness industry best practices, and actively help shape the proliferation of solar energy in the United States by partnering with SEIA and its members.

Since 1974, SEIA and its members have been at the forefront of advancing solar energy adoption. 

Suntuity joins a prominent network of industry professionals, manufacturers, project developers, and other stakeholders committed to growing solar energy as a clean and sustainable power source as an official member of SEIA.

“Joining SEIA is an important milestone for Suntuity as we continue to establish ourselves as a leading solar and clean energy company,” said Dan Javan, CEO of Suntuity. “SEIA’s advocacy, expertise, and influence in the solar industry align perfectly with our vision, and this membership allows us to join an influential community helping drive the adoption and growth of the solar energy sector.”

Suntuity’s SEIA membership gives significant industry insights, networking opportunities, and access to the most recent research and policy updates. 

Suntuity hopes to improve its skills, harness industry best practices, and actively contribute to the future of solar energy in the United States by partnering with SEIA and its members.

Suntuity University, a premier provider of renewable energy training and education, is part of Suntuity’s commitment to growing knowledge and skills in the renewable energy area. The platform provides a variety of courses and programmes aimed at providing professionals with the knowledge and abilities required to flourish in the field.

“Our affiliation with SEIA strengthens our commitment to delivering the highest standard of training to professionals in the renewable energy industry. By staying connected with industry leaders and accessing the latest industry trends through SEIA, we can continuously enhance our training programs and empower professionals to excel in this rapidly evolving sector,” said Brittany Weichers, head of Suntuity University.

Suntuity’s participation in SEIA is another step towards the Company’s goal of being an influential and productive member of the solar community. 

Suntuity is establishing itself as a trustworthy source of renewable energy solutions by partnering with well-known solar industry companies, and it is demonstrating its commitment to expanding the adoption of solar energy across the country.


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