Revolutionizing Solar Power Plant Performance: Vaisala’s Latest Weather Station Unveiled

By Sophia Francise

June 18, 2023
AWS810 Solar product

Today, Vaisala, a leader in environmental, industrial, and weather measurements, announced the release of the Automatic Weather Station AWS810 Solar Edition. 

By combining measurements of solar irradiance and other meteorological parameters with optional sophisticated analytics and digital insights, the IEC-compliant weather station may improve solar power plants’ performance and operational effectiveness.1

The dependable and accurate weather station is adaptable, smart, and simple to configure to meet changing requirements. 

The AWS810 Solar Edition is rugged by design and is intended to be relied upon for the whole operational life of a solar plant.

“The 360-degree, always-on monitoring and analytic capabilities combined with the modular design delivers a robust and scalable performance that optimizes operations at any point in the solar power plant life cycle — from development, construction, and commissioning to operations and life cycle management,” said Davy Theophile, Head of Renewable Energy at Vaisala. 

“This empowers our customers to meet their greatest renewable energy challenges and cements our position as the trusted partner to help them navigate the quest to efficiently and sustainably fuel the planet.”

How is the Vaisala AWS810 Solar Edition Beneficial?

AWS810 Solar Edition continuously measures global, diffuse, and reflected solar irradiation and all key weather parameters, including wind speed, direction, temperature, precipitation, relative humidity, and atmospheric pressure.

The rugged IEC 61724-1:2021-compliant design, remote diagnostics, and easy-to-deploy weather station reduce life cycle costs for the solar power plant.

Efficient self-diagnostic and network sensor monitoring enables users to manage and control networks remotely. 

At the same time, built-in data validation improves the data quality and maintenance efficiency with end-to-end network management security.

The flexible weather station offers unlimited scalability and easy integration to meet specific solar power plant needs, including data connectivity with SCADA systems and asset management platforms.

The solar power plant can benefit from optional analytics and insights related to historical solar data, real-time lightning data, and solar energy forecasts.


Vaisala is committed to helping the world adapt to climate change by providing best-in-class weather, environmental measurements, and observations. 

They are uniquely positioned to provide solutions to optimize the renewable energy life cycle, enabling optimization throughout every stage of the renewable energy life cycle.


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