Continuum Space Systems Receives a Major $3M Boost in Seed Funding

By Sophia Francise

June 26, 2023

Pasadena-based Continuum Space Systems (Continuum) announced today that it raised a $3 million seed round 

The round was led by Prophetic Capital Partners and had existing investors, including Mandala Space Ventures, Explorer1 Fund, Freeflow Ventures, and Unlock Venture Partners. 

The company, which is a leader in unified space mission management, now has a total of more than $6 million from this investment round.1

With the new investment, the company will build out its engineering team, launch new platform features, and scale its customer reach.

What is Continuum Space Systems?

Commercial space operators face the challenge of using disconnected tools and siloed workflows for successful missions.

Continuum solves this using technologies licensed by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and Caltech. 

Continuum enables faster, safer, and smarter satellite payload launch with lower capital costs by eliminating friction from complex space engineering problems caused by outdated tools and workflows.

“At Continuum, we understand the engineering, design and data challenges facing the space industry today. Whether it’s a mission to Low-Earth orbit, the Moon or the broader solar system, our customers are at the forefront of a new era for space exploration, operations and services. Our platform enables space teams to plan, design and test more effectively throughout the lifecycle of a mission so customers can focus on their main mission priorities,” said Marc Fagan, Continuum CEO.

Their mission is to save time, money, and data, streamlining the space mission process for customers.



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